Basement EP

by Poison Ivy League

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Recorded in our basement. Released on John Wilkes Booth Records. Go buy physical copies over there:


released May 14, 2013

All songs written by Poison Ivy League. Recorded in March and April of 2013.

Sarah Desmarais - Keys, Vox
Jacob Desmarais - Guitar, Vox
David Solender - Bass
Kurt Pinette - Drums



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Poison Ivy League Manchester, New Hampshire

We're from NH. All our music is free.

Live Free or Die, Bitch.


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Track Name: Cheap Sick Sex
I stumble down the stairs,
Your three months of lust have done me in.
And I'm not thinking as much as I can,
I'm not feeling as much as I should.

And I've done you,
Yeah, and you've done me too.
And what's left to do when you've got nothing else to prove?
Now I feel cheated and slightly used.

And I know it's a lie,
Your cheap sick sex and a dirty smile.
And I thought I’d be good for a while,
Just living a life of denial.

‘cause I loved you.
Yeah, I thought you loved me too.
But that's what I do when I meet someone new,
Now I feel wrecked and a little blue.

I'll lay here,
You could do less,
And we'll just exist.
Track Name: Run Away
Maybe for a time she could move far away.
I know just who you are and you could be mine today.

You should run away from me.

Taking up my time, taking the long way home.
Taking up my mind knowing that you’re not alone.

I’m not trying,
To make sense of anything.
I’m just hoping,
You’ll be my everything.
Track Name: What Happened?
When you called late last night,
I had nothing to say.
Something about how I wasn’t good for you,
I never felt that way.

You put your heart in me.
And now I’m far away.
And I’m gonna fake it all night to make you stay.

I was gonna write every night but it was just gonna lead you on.
Come on, don’t lead me.

And so I sat there,
With you looking at me like I was something there inside you.
I didn’t know what I could do,
Three years later this is all proof.
Track Name: Other Side
I am ready now,
To feel the loneliness you’ve always made it a point to talk about.
Take your time at taking your time,
And you’ll never change.

You’ve fallen off the other side.
I always knew you weren’t alright.

I can’t stand you now.
Though you’ve never assured me I’m the only one,
I can do without all the words you try to use,
‘cause some I doubt.
Track Name: Wayside
I made it clear,
How much I cared about you.
But that made it weird.
But what else could I say or do?

‘cause I want you changed.
Every night you’re always the same.
Just leave me alone I’m dying from this pain,
That you’re giving to me.

And now I’m ashamed,
Of how much I cared about you.
But who could I blame?
I’m just living for false truths.

And for tonight,
I got my hopes too high.
And you’ll leave me by the wayside.

And I hope you’d want me more than my last three calls.
Though the walls are crumbling I’m still screaming loud.
And moving on never tore me down.
I’ll dream of something I could never doubt.
I’ll make you feel like you’ve missed out.