by Poison Ivy League

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    February 2011.




Recorded at NHTunes Studio in Manchester, NH.


released February 5, 2011

Recorded at NHTunes.

Sarah Desmarais - Keys
Jacob Desmarais - Guitar, Vox
Bobby Davis - Bass
Chris Gaudette - Drums



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Poison Ivy League Manchester, New Hampshire

We're from NH. All our music is free.

Live Free or Die, Bitch.


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Track Name: She Don't Like Me
I want a girl who looks like her.
When she's around all is a blur.

But she don't like me,
So I don't like her too.
She don't like me,
So I don't like her too.

She struts around with all of her friends.
She's got so many I pretend,
I could get with all of them.

So every night I will think of you,
With frustration,
You've got the best tatoos,
And I adore all of them.
Track Name: Eggplants
Remember the day,
When I met you?
We hit it off,
But now that's gone,
It's gone.

With my mind,
Wrapped around you.
Stuck in my thoughts,
I wrote you a song,
A fucking song.

Now I'm sorry that we met.
All those times I wrote you.
I can't forget what you said.
Because it's planted in my head.

I brought you home,
To my own house.
You met my mom,
And we hit it off,
We hit it off.

I layed you down,
Just to kiss you.
But not anymore,
You said I was wrong,
I was all wrong.
Track Name: Loyally Honest
They meet nightly.
He doesn't like her,
But she really likes him,
And it's gonna work out.
But he wont be happy.

And six years later,
They're getting married,
In a field by a hill,
In a field where she likes,
To lay in the flowers.

But everynight when she crawls into bed,
She gives him a big kiss on the head.
And he says he,
And he says he likes it,
But he don't.

And his life is torture.
He doesn't like to go out,
So he stays in his house.
And she is real good to him.
Always cooking his meals,
And cleaning his clothes.
But nobody knows,
Nobody knows that,
Track Name: Double Whiskey Dick
I've been watching this clock on my wrist for years,
Wishing every tick would move fast and more clear.
But sometimes,
I want it to slow down.

And she said,
I can't be dreaming this life away,
Opening my eyes to live a dream everyday.

I've got your name upon my list.
Written in red ink so I don't miss.
I'll hide away so you don't know when.
I'll throw this ax at your back so I'll never have to see you again.

I'm searching for,
Those brighter skies.
I've loved before,
But now its a lie.
And treat me to,
The love you require,
Cause I don't know why,
But I feel like trying.
Track Name: Split, Flip
There's been no one around here,
For some time now.
And I'm sick of it,
I'm sick of this house.

You used to walk around here,
With your hair down.
And I want that back.

And the beer I drank before,
Wont bring you back through my door.
And those films we set aside,
We'll split them up yours from mine.

I'm with you all the time,
I'm what's going on in,
Your mind,
In my mind,
In our minds.

So as I'm laying here,
Starring at the cracks in my ceiling.
Counting each new one since you left.

I hope you're sitting there,
Starring at the cracks in your ceiling.
Counting each new one since you left.