Don't Be Thrash

by Poison Ivy League

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Recorded at NHTunes Studio in Manchester, NH.


released April 24, 2012

All songs written by Sarah and Jacob Desmarais, Bobby Davis, Ben Theriault, and Chris Gaudette. Recorded over one month in March and April 2012. Extra backing vocals by Kevin Cambell in track 4.

Sarah Desmarais - Keys, Vox
Jacob Desmarais - Guitar, Vox
Bobby Davis - Bass, Backups
Ben Theriault - Drums



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Poison Ivy League Manchester, New Hampshire

We're from NH. All our music is free.

Live Free or Die, Bitch.


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Track Name: Italy
I always thought it was funny for a while,
But I never thought I'd see a smile,
'cause you were always the one.

And when we went to that indie bar,
I couldn't keep myself very far from you,
But that's exactly how we are.

And I'll be with somebody else tonight,
While you're off with other guys.
Were you never gonna call me to say goodbye?

The things I'm drinking now,
Will only make it worse when I ask you for the truth,
And I'm dying for you too.

We used to lay in bed for days.
I never thought you'd come my way,
And now I'll never be the same.
Track Name: Haven
Okay here we are again.
I'm spending all my time trying not to make you sweat.
And oh well,
I won’t try again and wait too long until there's nothing left.

Please don't turn out to be a liar.
When I move on will you know how?
And if you want to make me happy,
You'd be here, right here right now.

Okay here I am again,
Pretending that I don't care enough to make you stop.
And oh well,
I don't care enough to think that you could ever give her up.

Please don't turn out to be a coward.
'cause I'll move on, oh I know how.
And if you want to make me happy,
You'd be here, right here right now.

If you go I don't know if you'll be back again,
And I, I have tried to give you up.
I can say that I'd be right with you any day,
Just say, say you want me by your side.
Track Name: Stole It
Lately I don't really want to try.
So I'll lock myself at home.
I saw you hanging with another guy.
I know just what you've shown.

Those things I dream about with you.
And now you gave it to him too.
But I want you to know that I stole it.

This crazy mind won’t let me sleep at night.
I'm lost and out of control.
And the more I wish I'd love again I might,
Be back again for more.
Track Name: Distance
And though we're far you said you know,
That I always need you more.
And with you gone it feels like I am alone.
I thought it through before.

You're always so kind,
But I could never be so blind.
It's the distance.

All the time I'm seeing you girl,
Walking through my door.
And over time I tried to cope,
But I'm longing for you more.
Track Name: It's Like A Dance Song
And I'm stressed again at my life.
We'll meet in the middle,
With no place to run to.
And it stresses me out,
To learn all about,
Things outside my front door.
Track Name: Last Summer
Last summer time,
I did all I could to say to you.
Make you fall so easily,
Because oh you mean so much to me.

Yeah that's true,
Oh you do.
You mean more to my life than I could say to you.

And I don't think it's fair.
'cause I admit that I was in to you.
Because you made me feel so differently,
More than I could ever be.

But it's been a long time since I've seen you,
And it's got me thinking about love.
It's been a long time since I've seen you,
And now I'm falling in love.

I thought I'd never go back.
Get me off this track,
I could never be myself again.
I did this once all on my own,
I could be anything but alone.