You Say Tomato, I Say Tornado

by Poison Ivy League

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Recorded at NHTunes Studio in Manchester, NH.


released July 19, 2011

Recorded at NHTunes.

Sarah Desmarais - Keys, Vox
Jacob Desmarais - Guitar, Vox
Bobby Davis - Bass
Chris Gaudette - Drums



all rights reserved


Poison Ivy League Manchester, New Hampshire

We're from NH. All our music is free.

Live Free or Die, Bitch.


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Track Name: I Wont
You think you're that funny?
You think you're that nice?
If I told you you aren't, you wouldn't believe me.
So I pretend to treat you right,

When I really just want you,
In my bed.
Every night I dream about you,
We're fucking in my head.

I tell you I wont.
I tell you I wont, but I always try to,
Tell you I wont.
So I wont try to talk to you.

So tonight I'll make this drive alone,
Three hours to the bar I know you'll be at.
But will it be worth it?

I'm standing here I'm propped in the corner,
Beer in my hand so I don't feel like a loner.
But silently inside I'm dieing,
Please oh please come here or I'll be trying to,
Track Name: Cherries and Berries, Greens and Beans.
I just don't wanna be alone.

Don't try and tell me,
Just how you spent your day.
I can't pretend like I care anyway.

Just think it over,
What it really means.
when I kiss your mouth, yeah I can still feel my knees.

Every time you talk I get so tired.
Cause when you start you just dont Shut Up.

So I went to your place at quarter to nine,
You left a note you signed that said that I'd have to be alone.

You never think about,
Anything I talk about.
So tonight Id rather be alone.

Cause you're the only one who'll say,
That nothing ever goes your way.
And things will never be the same as they used to be.

And ever since the shit went down,
I'm not too scared to come around.
But my hearts been right up in my throat each and every time.
Track Name: Not So Pretty
You walk in,
I need it,
But you clawed my eyes already.
And there's no place to take you back.

Return you,
I want to,
I just don't need abuse.
You need me more than I need you.

So I'll try to walk away.
Give me less than five days and I'll return.
Though you're not so pretty.

I've seen you,
The one who,
Loves to talk and use.
So you choose the one you want tonight.

They've heard it,
But you flirted,
So now I'll end up hurt,
And going home with you despite.
Track Name: 4/19
Dont think to try,
'cause maybe I just might,
Maybe I would die for the one thing that felt right.

Maybe when you dream,
You always make it seem,
Like there's nothing left for you.

Try and tell me that I'm not right.
Don't try and tell me you could do this better.
Don't think about it when you sleep.
Just try and tell me you could do this better.

Don't think you'd die,
But maybe I'd just might,
Cause maybe I'd just try for the one thing that felt right.

Maybe when you dream,
You always make it seem,
Like there's nothing left for me.

Try and tell me that I'm not right.
Try and tell me you could do this better.
Cause you're so different then you were then.
Just try and tell me you could do this better.
Track Name: Mario
All the drugs I'd do for you.
But first I must unbox them,
Bashing my head against a wall.
And there's no telling what I'll take.
But each one makes me greater,
Than the last, but its all too fast.

I'll shoot fire from my hands,
Tower over them,
Or even fly away.

When I get to the flaming pond,
I'll search all my surroundings,
Because there's only so much one life could take.
And I will make the most of them.
Plan my jumps and my moves,
I've got so many I could use like,
Track Name: Nightlife
I've made up my mind before.
What have we done?
What is this for?
But you find me hard to ignore.

But it's not like we're dreaming.
And you know I'll be leaving,
Next year.
What will we do then?
I had planned on not talking.

But she calls me nightly.
And I wont pick up this time.

So is it wrong to fear,
Who I'll be when I'm alone?
I'm thinking in circles,

'cause things suck when I'm without you.
Judging by how much we thought we grew,
It couldn't work out,
'cause when we're apart I'm dieing.

'cause it's back and forth.
Me and you.
I guess this is truly what we need.
So lets talk it out.
You've always been so nice to me.