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by Poison Ivy League

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released May 2, 2010



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Poison Ivy League Manchester, New Hampshire

We're from NH. All our music is free.

Live Free or Die, Bitch.


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Track Name: Split, Flip (Live on WUNH)
There's been no one around here,
For some time now.
And I'm sick of it,
I'm sick of this house.

You used to walk around here,
With your hair down.
And I want that back.

And the beer I drank before,
Wont bring you back through my door.
And those films we set aside,
We'll split them up yours from mine.

I'm with you all the time,
I'm what's going on in,
Your mind,
In my mind,
In our minds.

So as I'm laying here,
Starring at the cracks in my ceiling.
Counting each new one since you left.

I hope you're sitting there,
Starring at the cracks in your ceiling.
Counting each new one since you left.
Track Name: Mario (Live)
All the drugs I'd do for you.
But first I must unbox them,
Bashing my head against a wall.
And there's no telling what I'll take.
But each one makes me greater,
Than the last, but its all too fast.

I'll shoot fire from my hands,
Tower over them,
Or even fly away.

When I get to the flaming pond,
I'll search all my surroundings,
Because there's only so much one life could take.
And I will make the most of them.
Plan my jumps and my moves,
I've got so many I could use like,